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EmikoMizumoto is an award-winning photographer for pets and kids and PPA (Professional Photography of America) members. She believes that pets make people happier and bring more joy to them.  She has two miniature Dachshunds, named KAB and Bella, to prove it!  They are furry bundles of love, loyalty, and boundless joy. They also teach her incredible life lessons every day.

She started to take photographs when she was a young girl. As she grew up, cameras were always available to her.  When she got her first dog, KAB, as an adult, she started documenting his life through photographs.

KAB got a serious illness, cancer, when he was 7-year-old. Emiko began to photograph him with more intention and purpose as a way to preserve memories of him through a visual medium. She started to wonder if other pet owners were thinking the same way. So that is how she started to take photographs of other pets and their human companions.  The bond between pets and their owners is one of unconditional love.  Emiko captures the soul and essence of this bond in her photography!

In 2019, Emiko earned CPP (Certified Professional Photographer of America).

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2016: Winner on OC (Orange County) Fair Visual Art Pet Photography division

2016: Honorable Mention Winner on Tokyo International Foto Awards

2018: Top Ten Winner on Hair of the Dog

2019: Three Merit Collections at PPA (Professional Photographer of America)

2019: Earned CPP (Certified Professional Photographer)

2019: Featured one of the Best Pet Photographers in Charlotte, NC, by Pearspace.

2019: Bronze Award and 2 Honorable Mentions  on Tokyo International Foto Awards

​2020: Silver Award and Bronze Award in the Rise International Photo Award

2020:  Two Merits Collections at PPA (Professional Photographer of America)

2020: Silver and Bronze Award in WPE International Photo Awards


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Professional Photographers of North Carolina



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