Charlotte Modern Pet Photographer

  The Fun of Working with a Charlotte Modern Pet Photographer

You deserve to have amazing photos of your family, including the four-legged ones. By working with a Charlotte modern pet photographer, it allows you to have photos that are truly frame-worthy. At Studio Emiko Photography, we’ll work with you to capture photos of your pet and the rest of the family, too.


Have you ever noticed how strict some photography studios are? They want you to turn in such a way that it doesn’t feel natural. They want you to smile in such a way that it doesn’t even end up looking like you. That’s not the kind of family photography that we offer.


First of all, as a Charlotte modern pet photographer, we encourage you to bring your pets. If you have a dog, they can be part of the photoshoot. In some instances, they may be the entire photoshoot.


We want you to have fun with being in front of the camera. We can conduct the photoshoot inside of our studio or outside. If you want to throw a Frisbee in order to catch your dog in mid leap, we encourage you to do it. If you want to be included in the photoshoot to capture the love that you have between you and your canine best friend, we’re all about making it happen.


Hiring a dog photographer near me has never been easier. We love pets and it shows throughout the gallery that we have created.


Dogs and other pets are fun. They’re designed to help you forget about the worries of the world. It’s only natural for you to have fun with them in front of a photographer, too.


Let us show you how much fun a photo shoot can be. Contact us today to learn more about scheduling time with a dog photographer near me. We guarantee that your photos will be epic.

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