Creative Family Portrait

  Creative Family Photos are Within Your Reach

You don’t want a posed family photo that doesn’t even look like whom you spend every day with. Many photos tend to be so posed that everyone looks stiff – and that’s not real life. At Studio Emiko Photography, we offer creative family photos where you can have some more fun in front of the camera.


With the help of a Charlotte pet photographer, you can capture more amazing family photos. You should allow your true personality to shine – and that means having some fun with the photographer and with your entire family.


And when we say the “entire” family, we mean it. After all, it’s not really a family photo if you’re leaving your pets at home. As a Charlotte pet photographer, we’re committed to getting everyone into the frame. Whether you have Chihuahuas, Great Danes, or any other type of pooch, get them into the photo.


When you take advantage of creative family photos, it allows you to have better memories. It allows you to remember an exciting, fun day with the family as opposed to staring at a family that looks like you but certainly isn’t acting like you.


We work to create something different within our studio. Our portraits are anything but boring and that’s because we like to dare to dream big – and it shows in what we create.


We take photos of pets, families, and families with pets. When you see the photos that we capture your family, it can be a great reminder of who you are and all of whom your family consists of.


Let us help you to create memories that can be framed on the wall, added to an album, and shared with family and friends. Call today to learn more about scheduling your studio time.

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