Fine Art Pet Photographer

  What Pet Photography Near Me Can Offer

If you have been searching for pet photography near me in Charlotte, look no further. At Studio Emiko Photography, we offer family and pet photography to ensure that all of the members of your family are captured for keepsake purposes.


Imagine being able to have photos of your pet that go above and beyond what you could take with your phone? What if you could have a work of art featuring your pet to hang somewhere inside of your home?


By working with a fine art pet photographer, you’re able to achieve something special.


We’re here to offer pet photography near me in Charlotte on your terms. You choose whether you want the photoshoot to be in the studio or out in nature. You choose the props, whether you want a pose or action shot, and so much more.


Pets aren’t around forever, though they do hold a special place in your heart forever. With the help of a fine art pet photographer, you have the opportunity to remember your pet in an incredible way.


We can offer you digital photos, canvas prints, and more. This way, you have the memories in the format that works for you. You can have cards printed with your pet on them, share the photos online, and even have a framed image hanging somewhere special.


There are all sorts of possibilities that exist when you work with a pet photographer, and we look forward to showing them to you. Explore our gallery to see what we have been able to do for other pet owners. When you’re ready to have your own pet portraits, contact us. We can answer your questions and schedule a time for your own photoshoot, complete with your favorite pet in all the world.

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